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About ERN

Welcome to our world of Big Data.

Banks, merchants, payment processors and consumers generate billions of transactions every day around the world. Only a fraction is used to create value. At ERN we provide everyone in this payment eco-system the tools to see, manage, analyse and create valuable actionable insights from this 'big data' environment.

The vision becomes reality

Our vision was to build a powerful data collection and analytics portal that provides incredible benefits to consumers, card issuers, merchants and payment processors / acquirers. So for the first time, everyone in the payment eco-system can get far better value from the data they generate. That vision is now a reality.

For banks, card issuers, merchants and payment processors. ERN realise the great value of payment data and the insight it can provide into lifestyles and future behaviour.

Utilisation of transactional ‘Big Data’ is central to the evolution of lifetime customer value business models. Leveraging transactional insight is critical to future channel, product & pricing development.

For consumers, managing receipts electronically, having control over mCoupons and vouchers received as well as being able to powerfully analyse their spending patterns completes the loop.

To find out more about how you can create more value from every single transaction, contact us.

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