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About ERN

Welcome to our world of Big Data.

ERN is a pioneering global big data analytics company that has developed Looop. Looop is a purpose built enterprise big data analytics platform. Looop helps to accelerate analytics and delivers business users previously unseen actionable insights in real-time. Looop moves business users from batch reporting to real-time business intelligence while analyzing all of the data all of the time from any source/format.

Looop leverages the latest ground breaking technologies to deliver a fully flexible and innovative enterprise class big data analytics platform that allows business users to run analytics without becoming data scientists. Our vision is now a reality with the new release of Looop V2.0

The vision becomes reality

Our vision was to create a enterprise big data analytics platform that transforms raw data from any source into actionable in memory business intelligence without the need for IT or the complexity of existing approaches. Looop seamlessly connects users with all available data all of the time. Integrate, analysis and visualise all your data in real-time without the need for a separate data warehouse or ETL.

Looop reduces the time to benefit and accelerates the analytical value chain by being able to aggregate data in real-time from multiple sources and deliver actionable insights in minutes rather than weeks. Reduced your TCO and start using Looop across your organisation today.

To find out more about how Looop can help you transform your data into actionable insights then please reach out and contact us.

With Looop technology

Create Value