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Looop is an enterprise big data analytics platform that transforms data into real-time business intelligence for business users. Looop accelerates the analytical value chain by seamlessly aggregating massive amounts of data from multiple core systems, to deliver actionable business insights from sophisticated predictive analytics. Start viewing all of your available data to gain a real-time 360° degree view of your customers.

Looop moves you from batch reporting to real-time business intelligence while analysing all of your data all of the time from any source. Looop leverages the latest ground breaking technologies to deliver a fully flexible and innovative big data analytics platform that allows all business users to run analytics without becoming data scientists.

What our technology does for you?

Data Integration

Real-Time Data Integration

With real-time data integration you can now start to empower your business users to use multiple data sources.

No more ETL

Data is the source of all insights, the more data you can analyse then the deeper the actionable insights. Now you can load any data type from any data source into Looop in order to get a complete view of your customers in real-time. Looop ignores the need limitations of ETL and legacy systems by allowing business users to integrate multiple data source at once.

Looop has pre-built API’s and forwarders that allow you to integrate both structured and un-structured data sources seamlessly without the need for lots of IT intervention.

Import any data type from any data source

Looop loads all data in raw format into the Looop database so that it can be translated and cleansed before its ready for real-time analytics.

Data Analytics

Real-Time Data Analytics

Looop accelerates the analytical value chain by seamlessly aggregating multiple amounts of data to deliver actionable business insights from sophisticated predictive analytics.

Plug & Play Analytics

We can build multiple data analytical models that are specifically designed to work with your data or you can use your current models built with any of the leading data mining tools such as SAS, IBM, R etc and plug them into Looop. Looop is designed to analyse huge data sets in order to reduce the time to insight. This allows business users to bypass the need to involve IT to run a report or to get a new data set analysed. Looop analyses all of the data, all of the time to provide previously unseen insights about your customers. Your customer insight and knowledge deepens over time, as the data set continuously grows.

Data Visualisation

See your data through charts,
dashboards and business infographics

Looop’s drag and drop visualisation with it’s library of widgets includes tables, graphs, charts, dashboards, diagrams, and maps which enables business users to create simple data visualisation dashboards or stunning business visualisations from real-time data. Users can drag and drop any widget, graphic, text or dashboard element as needed. With various support for shapes such as arrows, icons and more, users can highlight or accent anything in a dashboard.


Deployment of Looop Enterprise

We understand that everyone has different requirements in the way they want their enterprise solutions delivered. Therefore Looop can be delivered behind your firewall on your own infrastructure or as a managed SaaS solution in one of our global Tier4 bank grade data centers.

Install Looop In Minutes

Looop was purpose built to ensure minimal IT intervention is required both during the installation process and the daily use and operation of the platform. Please refer to the Looop Enterprise Data Sheet for the full system requirements.

On Premise

Cloud / Hosted

Looop Security

Authentication With LDAP / AD

The Looop platform provides LDAP / Active Directory (AD) authentication as one option for identifying and managing your users.

Administrators of Looop can configure the platform to use their existing LDAP or Active Directory system as the system of records for the management of users identity and credentials. Users of Looop can use their normal AD login credentials to login. All activity history is stored and captured in logsto facilitate security audits.


Looop provides role-based access while reserving certain actions for administrators only. Artifacts remain under the control of the author until shared at the group level. This applies to data stores, import jobs, data links, uploaded files, workbooks, dashboards and export jobs.


Looop supports the use of HTTPS (HTTP over SSL) which secures traffic between the end user’s browser and the Looops application server. This requires a simple configuration change to Looop and for end users to use the correct URL.2 All end user credentials, data store passwords and keys (SSH, EC2, etc.) maintained by Looop are masked in the UI and encrypted in the Looop secure store.

Looop Enterprise Pricing

At ERN, we offer pricing that is simple, straight forward and fosters adoption across your organization. For the full-featured version of Looop, pricing is based on an annual license fee.

There is no charge for :

  • - No charge for the number of CPUs, Cores or Nodes
  • - No charge for different data sources or types
  • - No charge for the amount of data you process through Looop

Once you purchase an enterprise license for Looop, your users can create as many reports, dashboards as they wish.

Significant Volume Discount as Your Usage Increases

Customers receive significant volume discounts with larger multiple licenses and/or multiple country installations of Looop. To find out more about how we can help with your global or regional needs then please contact one of our sales reps today.

Looop Value

Regardless of license size, Looop customers are achieving a highly compelling return on their investment. They see value delivered in hours and days, rather than week and months. The ROI often comes from multiple business and financial benefits, such as a reduction of costs, an increase in revenues and better insight for the business. For examples of customer of case studies click here.

Core Benefits of Looop:

Rapid Time To Insight

- Delivering actionable insights without the delays of the corporate environment

Enterprise Class

- Purpose built for transforming raw data with the fastest analytical in memory performance

Easy To Install & Use

- Install behind your firewall on premise or hosted in one of our Tier 4 global data centres

Seamless Data Integration

- Connect any data source in any format for real-time data processing

Scalable To Your Needs

- Automatically scales to any data volume to meet your growing business needs

Leading the field

Developed by our own in house team of specialists with ground breaking engineering expertise in real-time data analytics.


Looop brings together some of the world’s leading open source technologies such as CouchBase, Redis, & ZeroMQ. Looop is platform agnostic so it can sit on top of any Hadoop cluster or a data warehouse solution such as Teradata.


Looop provide full LDAP / AD authentication as one of the many options for identifying and managing your users who use the Looop big data analytics platform.

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